Myocardial perfusion scan

What is it?

The myocardial perfusion scan is more commonly referred to as a MIBI scan. This is performed to assess the blood supply to the heart. Detailed instructions on preparation for the test will be sent to you prior to it being performed. What happens during the test? The procedure will involve a medication given intra-venously to increase the heart rate, along with a radiaoactive substance that can be measured with a gamma camera. The doses are very small and do not cause any side effects, and the test is painless. Often a second visit will be required to assess any difference present between the two scans. What happens after the test? The results normally take a few hours to analyse following which a report of the study will be discussed with you and given for your own personal records. Based on the findings, medical treatment or further tests such as an angiogram will be recommended. 

Example of a myocardial perfusion scan result looking at the blood supply to the heart.

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